Tri-State corner-highest point in Nebraska

In this area there are lark buntings, horned larks and McCown’s longspurs, plus occasional mountain plovers. Be aware that this is private land.

Panorama Point is on the High Point Bison Ranch and is owned by Glen and Jill Klawonn who can be reached at (970) 895-3303. The Klawonn’s are extremely welcoming to highpointers during the day, and at night the gate to the highpoint is left open. The Klawonn’s request a donation of $3.00 for visiting the highpoint, which can be placed in a box near the final turnoff to Panorama Point. The Nebraska-Colorado-Wyoming tri-state marker is also located on the Klawonn’s porperty, however, due to the fact that open buffalo range must be crossed to get there, they request that visitors do not hike from the highpoint to the marker. Please respect the Klawonns’ wishes and approach the tri-state marker from the road to the west.