Treasures of the island: lessons learned from 30 years of bird research, education and conservation

This symposium will share findings and success stories from case studies and recent projects on bird research, monitoring and conservation in the Caribbean, including lessons learned and highlighting the value of a regional approach, partnerships and networks in a highly diverse region.

Zooming in on patterns of phenological change in birds

This symposium aims to quantify changing patterns over time in migration and breeding, focusing on efforts to expand ecological research to better understand the taxonomic, spatial and temporal components of phenological change in birds and how this is reflected in changes in the physical environment and at other trophic levels.

Urban bird conservation and global change: celebrating 50 years of research on birds in, by and for cities

Celebrating 50 years of research and conservation of urban birds in cities and suburbs.

What’s on the menu? Several approaches to studying bird diets

This symposium focuses on exploring the use of different methods to understand bird diets with three main objectives: 1) to collect baseline ecological data on species, 2) to understand and address the impacts of global and anthropogenic change on birds, and 3) to inform conservation efforts.

Predicting bird distributions in the face of global change

To understand the tools used to infer how global change is affecting bird distributions, this symposium showcases the variety of logistical, theoretical, and temporal perspectives used to improve our understanding of bird ranges that respond to global change.

Understanding citizen scientists in the service of bird management and conservation: attitudes, motivations, behaviors and identities

We present a series of ornithological case studies using citizen science to better understand how birders’ attitudes, motivations and behaviors can influence bird conservation and management at different scales.

Modern insights into evolutionary processes using large-scale comparative analysis of bird behavior

A broad comparative understanding of the evolution of bird behavior.

Avian radiation research in the 21st century

Our symposium will highlight advances in avian radiation studies with perspectives on behavior, ecology, and genomics, emphasizing how recent research and new methods are improving our understanding of avian speciation, and how these findings speak to avian evolution in an era of rapid environmental change.

Global challenges and strategies for parrot populations

Parrots are one of the most threatened bird taxa and this symposium will highlight conservation issues of particular importance to the taxa, including communication, genetics, population surveys, and more.