The Nebraska Birding Trails

“Promoting the conservation of Nebraska’s birds and bird habitats through economic development.”

The Nebraska Birding Trails Workgroup was established in October 2003 as one of seven workgroups of the Nebraska Partnership for All-Bird Conservation. The NPABC is an alliance of partnerships across Nebraska consisting of government and non-government agencies, conservation and environmental organizations, public and private businesses, landowners and individual patrons, who have come together for one unifying purpose: To conserve birds and bird habitats in Nebraska.

The Nebraska Birding Trails Workgroup recognized that the conservation of bird habitats could generate a unique economic opportunity for the state. With a growing number of traveling birders, currently estimated at over 18 million, and an annual economic output from birding in the United States at 85 billion dollars, the workgroup realized that birds and bird habitats could provide a source of revenue for communities and private landowners. With that in mind the Nebraska Birding Trails workgroup set out to develop this web-based statewide birding trails system, creating a variety of economic possibilities from the conservation of Nebraska’s bird habitats.

The Nebraska Birding Trails Workgroup is composed of faculty from the University of Nebraska, administrators from Nebraska’s Game and Parks Commission, members of the Nebraska Ornithology Union, conservation program officers, the Nebraska Department of Travel and Tourism, and private businesses. Workgroup members have volunteered more than 5,000 hours, receiving grants from the Nebraska Environmental Trust Fund, Department of Economic Development, and state wildlife funds. The resulting web-based statewide birding trails system consists of over 400 public and private birding sites. These birding sites are connected by Nebraska’s Scenic Byways, state highways, and county roads. Each birding site lists several near-by communities where travelers can find a variety of services and other local attractions.

The Birding Trails Project is proud to have the support of the Nebraska Department of Travel and Tourism, who provide travel information about birding friendly communities and services across the state. As partners with the with the Nebraska Tourism Department, the Birding Trails Workgroup invites traveling birders to discover the hospitality of Nebraska’s many guest ranches, the rural settings of a quaint bed and breakfast, or any of the state parks that offer full service accommodations to primitive camping while taking in the abundant birding opportunities in Nebraska. Down every county road, and around every river bend, you’ll enjoy and be awed at Nebraska’s rich birding heritage. To plan your next birding trip, just go to