Smith Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area

Habitat includes 226 acres of wetland and 254 acres of upland. In 1998, a new boat ramp was built in the southwest corner of the property. The west half was burned in the spring of 1999. Disking and grazing were done to open small pockets of water for pintail and mallard use. The small open-water pockets are not attractive to snow geese which use the larger, more open wetlands. During the spring of 2000 migration, the wetland was heavily used by pintail and mallard. Snow geese begin using the wetland towards the end of their migration. One of the reasons for their using the wetland may have been hunting pressure on larger open wetlands. The dry conditions of 2002 and 2003 allowed for disking most of the bulrush in the wetland. An excellent waterfowl area during spring migration.