Rainwater Basin/Mixed-grass Prairie

The Mixedgrass ecoregion lies between the Tallgrass prairie to the east and the Shortgrass prairie to the west. The region is a transition zone where Tallgrass and Shortgrass prairies merge, taking on characteristics of both. In the east and along floodplains Tallgrass prairie species tend to dominate while in the western part Shortgrass species are in abundance. Today, most watercourses are lined with riparian forests. Planted woodlands and shelterbelts are common throughout the region.

The topography consists of nearly level broad plains in much of the rainwater basin region of south-central Nebraska, along river drainages and gently rolling hills in the north-central part of the region, and steep slopes with deeply incised drainages in the southwest. Most of the region is covered by wind-blown loess soils. The ecoregion contains hundreds of miles of rivers and streams which drain eastward into the Missouri river. Perennial and intermittent streams transect most of the region and serve as tributaries to the Platte, Republican, Loup, Niobrara and Blue Rivers.

The Mixedgrass prairie ecoregion contains an abundance of wetlands, including playas, wet meadows, and floodplain and Sandhill wetlands as well as wet prairies found along the Rainwater basins, former river channels and river valleys.

Title Category Address Description
Bluebill Wildlife Management Area 40.638, -97.703 Bluebill includes two marshes separated by higher ground.
Burchell's White Hill Farmhouse Inn 40.566, -98.99 The Burchell's White Hill Farmhouse Inn 2008 offers a pleasant and convenient place to stay while enjoying abundant birding opportunities.
Clark Waterfowl Production Area 40.378, -99.053 Habitat includes 227 acres of wetland and 224 acres of upland.
Funk Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.498, -99.227 This is the largest RWB marsh at 1989 acres (1163 wetland marsh acres and 826 upland acres) and perhaps the best.
Gleason Waterfowl Production Area 40.442,-99.027 Habitat includes 195 acres of wetland and 372 acres of upland.
High Basin Wildlife Management Area 40.565, -99.64 This site includes 44 acres of wetland and 74 acres of pasture land.
Prairie Dog Marsh Waterfowl Production Area 40.402, -99.13 Habitat includes 471 acres of wetland and 421 acres of upland.
Smartweed Marsh West Wildlife Management Area 40.344, -98.032 Mostly grassy lowlands, but some upland habitat too.
Smartweed Marsh Wildlife Management Area 40.334, -98.013 Habitat includes 74 acres of wetland and 6 acres of upland.
Verona Waterfowl Production Area 40.55, -97.961 Habitat includes 38 acres of wetland and 122 acres of upland.
Atlanta Waterfowl Production Area 40.382, -99.478 Habitat includes 659 upland acres and 453 wetland acres, seasonally open to public hunting for pheasant, waterfowl and doves.
Audubon: Lillian Annette Rowe Sanctuary & Iain Nicholson Audubon Center 40.6701858,-98.8838401 This area, the largest Audubon refuge in the region, protects prime sandhill and whooping crane habitats near Kearney.
Ayr Lake Wildlife Management Area 40.527, -98.343 This is a large, privately owned, 140 acres, seasonal basin that is often good for viewing large numbers of migrating water birds.
Bluestem Basin Waterfowl Production Area 40.441, -99.058 Habitat includes 44 wetland acres and 32 upland acres
Bluewing Wildlife Management Area 40.366, -98.044 Habitat includes 145 acres of seasonal wetland habitat along with 50 acres of cropland and 4 acres of pastureland.
Brauning Waterfowl Production Area 40.6, -97.724 Includes 165 acres of wetlands and 75 acres of uplands.
Bulrush Wildlife Management Area 40.392, -98.076 Habitat includes 133 acres of marsh, 29 acres of pastureland and 78 acres of cropland.
Cottonwood Basin Waterfowl Production Area 40.547, -99.584 Habitat includes 201 acres of wetland and 359 acres of upland.
County Line Marsh Waterfowl Production Area 40.702, -97.543 This site contains 224 acres of wetland and 182 acres of upland. The county road leading to this marsh sometimes floods in spring.
Crystal Lake State Recreational Area 40.456, -98.439 Area includes camping and primitive facilities.
Divorky Acres Wildlife Management Area 40.521, -97.146 This site includes 2 acres of water, 5 acres of timber, 78 acres of pasture and 75 acres of cropland.
Eckhardt Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.465, -97.903 Habitat includes 65 acres of wetland and 109 acres of upland
Elley Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.486, -99.684 Habitat includes 33 acres of wetland and 27 acres of upland.
Elwood Reservoir Wildlife Management Area 40.627, -99.861 Habitat consists of a 1,330-acre reservoir and 724 adjacent acres of grassland with some wooded sites.
Father Hupp Wildlife Management Area 40.34, -97.618 This site includes 135 acres of marsh and 25 acres of uplands.
Fort Kearny State Recreational Area 40.643, -99.006 This is one of the few public state areas where hunting is not allowed so there are birds there in the fall.
Freeman Lakes Waterfowl Production Area 40.931, -97.364 This site contains 146 acres of wetland habitat and 42 acres of uplands.
Frerichs Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.373, -99.124 Habitat includes 33 acres of wetland and 13 acres of upland.
Gadwall Wildlife Management Area 40.94, -98.037 Habitat includes 68 acres of wetlands, 2 acres of permanent water and 20 acres of crops (two excavated wetlands and a narrow slough).
Glenvil Basin Waterfowl Production Area 40.476, -98.22 Habitat includes 79 acres of wetland and 41 acres of upland.
Green Acres Waterfowl Production Area 40.469, -97.94 Habitat includes 48 acres of wetland and 15 acres of upland.
Greenhead Wildlife Management Area 40.444, -97.94 Habitat includes a 1 acre dugout pond, 1 acre of cropland and 50 acres of marshy habitat.
Greenwing Wildlife Management Area 40.443, -97.829 Habitat includes 53 acres of marsh and 27 acres of uplands with scattered thickets and cropland.
Hansen Waterfowl Production Area 40.449, -97.848 Habitat includes 147 acres of wetland and 173 acres of upland.
Harms Waterfowl Production Area 40.483, -98.011 Habitat includes 33 acres of wetland and 27 upland acres.
Harvard Waterfowl Production Area 40.614, -98.181 The wetland attracts tens of thousands of snow, Canada, cackling and greater white-fronted geese in spring with numbers peaking in mid-March.
Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History 40.603, -98.389 Hastings Museum has an extensive bird collection exhibited on its upper level including a diorama with ten mounted whooping cranes.
Hastings Parkview Cemetery 40.599, -98.368 Many mature deciduous and coniferous trees as well as flowering shrubs. A small stream bordered with cottonwoods meanders through it.
Hidden Marsh Wildlife Management Area 40.71, -97.487 This site is 2 miles east of the Spikerush Wildlife Management Area.
Hultine Waterfowl Production Area 40.612, -97.963 Hultine WPA includes 583 acres of wetland and 417 acres of upland.
Jenson Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.4, -98.744 Habitat includes 176 acres of wetland and 289 acres of upland.
Johnson Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.556, -99.326 Habitat includes 252 acres of wetlands and 326 acres of upland.
Jones Marsh Waterfowl Production Area 40.39, -99.432 Habitat includes 76 acres of upland and 89 acres of wetland. Hunting is allowed.
Kenesaw Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.602, -98.645 This Federal Wildlife Production Area contains 161 acres of wetland and 70 acres of upland.
Killdeer Basin Waterfowl Production Area 40.389, -99.104 Habitat includes 36 acres of wetland and 2 acres of upland.
Kirkpatrick Basin North Wildlife Management Area 40.827, -97.667 The 356 acre north basin contains 70 acres of semi-permanent wetlands, l75 acres of seasonal wetlands, and the rest upland grasses.
Kissinger Basin Wildlife Management Area 40.446, -98.1 Habitat includes 262 acres of marsh, 47 acres of pasture and 177 acres of cropland.
Krause Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.472, -97.797 Habitat includes 303 wetland acres and 224 upland acres. Heavy growth of cattails.
Lake Hastings 40.612, -98.388 Lake Hastings is a city-owned lake and park that seasonally attracts birds such as warblers, sparrows, and occasionally water birds.
Lake Seldom 40.431, -99.375 Area is 144 acres and was purchased with Environmental Trust Funds.
Lange Waterfowl Production Area 40.563, -97.846 Habitat includes 59 acres of wetland and 101 acres of upland.
Macon Lakes Waterfowl Production Area 40.193, -98.96 Habitat includes 526 acres of wetland and 505 acres of upland.
Mallard Haven Waterfowl Production Area 40.448, -97.744 This basin provides habitat for thousands of white-fronted geese, snow geese and ducks during late February and early March.
Marsh Hawk Wildlife Management Area 40.638, -97.723 Marsh Hawk is mostly comprised of seasonal wetlands with some trees and shrubs.
Massie Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.479, -98.033 Habitat includes 494 acres of wetland and 359 acres of upland.
Meadowlark Lake Recreational Area 41.036, -96.915 The lake is owned by Natural Resources District and is 320 acres.
Miller's Pond Waterfowl Production Area 40.387, -97.731 Habitat includes 113 acres wetland and 18 acres upland.
Moger Waterfowl Production Area 40.483, -97.992 Habitat includes 72 acres of wetland and 123 acres of upland.
Morphy Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.611, -97.732 Habitat includes 80 wetland acres and 9 upland acres.
North Lake Basin Wildlife Management Area 40.914, -97.343 This site includes 153 acres of marsh habitat, 203 acres of cropland, 8 acres of pasture and 64 acres of uplands.
Northeast Sacramento Wildlife Management Area 40.425, -98.992 Area includes 40 acres.
Peterson Basin Waterfowl Production Area 40.489, -99.658 Habitat includes 485 acres of wetland and 627 acres of upland.
Prairie Lake Public Use Area 40.536, -98.486 Prairie Lake has a 36 acre lake with 124 acres of surrounding upland habitat.
Prairie Marsh Wildlife Management Area 40.345, -97.646 This site includes 9 acres of marshland, 1 acre of permanent water, 54 acres of upland and 9 acres of cropland.
Quadhamer Marsh Waterfowl Production Area 40.316, -99.102 Habitat includes 311 acres of wetland and 287 acres of upland.
Rauscher Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.585, -97.764 Habitat includes 140 acres of wetland and 111 acres upland.
Real Waterfowl Production Area 40.672, -97.575 Habitat includes 121 acres of wetland and 39 acres of upland
Redhead Wildlife Management Area 40.435, -97.818 Area 160 acres.
Redtail Lake Wildlife Management Area 41.09, -97 Habitat includes a 26-acre lake with 320 acres of upland.
Ritterbush Marsh Waterfowl Production Area 40.26, -99.043 Habitat includes 49 acres of wetland and 32 acres of upland.
Rolland Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.59, -97.821 Habitat includes 76 acres upland and 53 acres of wetland.
Sacramento-Wilcox Wildlife Management Area 40.373, -99.239 It offers a nice variety of habitat types, including freshwater marsh, prairie, creek and woodlands.
Saline County Easement Wildlife Management Area 40.394, -97.174 This site includes 15 acres of pasture and 28 acres of timber.
Sandpiper Wildlife Management Area 40.499, -97.714 Habitat includes 226 acres of wetland and 214 acres of upland with plum, willow, cottonwood and osage orange present.
Schuck Waterfowl Production Area 40.458, -97.997 This site contains 56 acres of wetland and 24 acres of upland.
Schwisow Waterfowl Production Area 40.391, -97.166 Habitat includes 1 acre of wetland and 60 acres of upland.
Shypoke Wildlife Management Area 40.886, -97.335 Area 160 acres.
Sinninger Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.716, -97.536 This site includes 42 acres of wetland and 118 acres upland.
Smith Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.439, -97.974 The small open-water pockets are not attractive to snow geese which use the larger, more open wetlands.
Sora Wildlife Management Area 40.382, -97.658 Area includes 999 Acres.
South Sacramento Wildlife Management Area 40.318, -99.232 Habitat includes 82 acres of marshland and 85 acres of upland pasture.
Spikerush Wildlife Management Area 40.91, -97.486 This site consists of mixed marsh and upland habitats including 55 acres of wetland.
Springer Waterfowl Production Area 40.849, -98.128 Habitat includes 397 acres of wetland and 243 acres of upland.
Straightwater Wildlife Management Area 40.869, -97.233 This site includes 102 acres of marsh, 126 acres of upland habitat and 12 acres of permanent water.
Swan Creek Wildlife Management Area 40.513, -97.25 This site includes 27 acres of water, 9 acres of timber, 54 acres of pasture and 70 acres of cropland.
Tamora Waterfowl Production Area 40.886, -97.22 This site includes 228 acres of wetlands and 52 acres of upland habitat.
Theesen Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.512, -98.273 Habitat includes 46 acres of wetlands and 34 acres of uplands.
Troester Basin Waterfowl Production Area 40.797, -97.924 Habitat includes 271 acres of wetland and 49 acres of upland.
Victor Lakes Waterfowl Production Area 40.595, -99.653 Habitat consists of 168 acres of wetland and 70 acres of upland.
Waco Basin Waterfowl Production Area 40.911, -97.479 Waco WPA has 113 acres of mixed marsh habitat and 46 acres of upland habitat.
Weis Waterfowl Production Area 40.455, -97.732 Habitat includes 120 acres of wetland and 40 acres of upland across the road from Mallard Haven.
Weseman Waterfowl Production Area 40.511, -98.575 Habitat includes 80 acres of wetland and 80 acres of upland.
West Sacramento Wildlife Management Area 40.363, -99.312 Wetland surrounded by grassy uplands. Great for migrating waterfowl and shorebirds.
Whitefront Wildlife Management Area 40.55, -98.083 Habitat includes 106 acres of marsh with about 7 acres of permanent water, 158 acres of cropland and 10 acres of pasture.
Wilkins Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area 40.609, -97.676 Habitat includes 321 acres of wetland and 208 acres of upland habitat.
Youngson Waterfowl Production Area 40.396, -98.785 Habitat includes 113 acres of wetland and 70 acres of upland.