Pioneers Park and Chet Ager Nature Center

Prairie, Pioneer's Park
Pioneers Park Prairie – Photo by Paul A. Johnsgard

This is the oldest of Lincoln’s city parks, and one of the largest. It has a few small ponds, and some native prairie, but is mostly planted to pines and other conifers. These wooded habitats support great horned owls (year-around) and long-eared owls (in winter), red-tailed and sharp-shinned hawks, and many passerines. A nature trail extends out into restored and native prairie and brushland, and through riparian wooded habitats along a branch of Salt Creek, where wood ducks are common. The Chet Ager Nature Center offers views of wintering songbirds (such as Harris’ sparrows) that gather near feeders, and looks out over a pond that attracts waterfowl. The Praire Nature Center is surrounded by 40 acres of restored prairie. A checklist for the park lists 237 birds.

Pioneers Park
Pioneers Park
Pioneers Park – Photo Copyright Paul Johnsgard