Pine Ridge

This ecoregion includes an array of different ecosystems that include pine covered hills and escarpments, Sandhills wetlands and prairie and high plains sagebrush plains. The pine-covered hills and escarpments of the western Pine Ridge remind one of the Black Hills, and about 3.5 percent of the region’s land is covered by wooded habitats or forests.  The Pine Ridge ecoregion has over 5.6 million acres of grassland, which supports short-grass birds. This ecoregion includes the point of highest elevation in the state and is a sup burb area for seeking grassland species in the Pine Ridge.  Additionally, hundreds of highly saline Sandhills marshes that abound with waterbirds are present in northern southern Sheridan County, and provide wonderful roadside viewing opportunities. The ecoregion is rich in history and offers geological and historical sites in the Ogallala grasslands and Fort Robinson State Park.

Title Category Address Description
Box Butte Reservoir State Recreation Area 42.458, -103.104 Box Butte Reservoir SRA is located in Dawes County, between and south of Chadron and Crawford.
Agate Fossil Beds National Monument 42.421, -103.755 Habitat includes nearly 2,000 acres of Shortgrass Prairie.
Chadron State Park 42.708, -103.019 This 972 acre state park lies in the heart of the Nebraska National Forest, dominated by ponderosa pines.
Fort Robinson State Park 42.681, -103.497 Fort Robinson is a historic outpost which served from the days of Indian Wars through World War II.
Gilbert Baker Wildlife Management Area 42.763, -103.931 This is an area of ridges covered with ponderosa pines, with scattered areas of grassland at the forest fringes.
Metcalf Wildlife Management Area 42.838, -102.678 It has typical Pine Ridge habitat, which is most pine-covered, but with some open grasslands present.
Nebraska National Forest, Pine Ridge District 42.628, -103.083 Area comprises extensive areas, mostly located between Chadron and Crawford, totaling about 51,000 acres, and primarily in Dawes County.
Oglala National Grassland 42.708, -103.435 Area 93,344 acres. Scattered holdings at the northeastern end of Sioux County.
Peterson Wildlife Management Area 42.708, -103.435 This area consists of habitats alternating between mature ponderosa pine forests and grasslands in typical ridge-and canyon topography.
Soldier Creek Wilderness 42.695, -103.569 This is a large roadless area west of Fort Robinson State Park that has an extensive hiking trail network, as well as bridle trails.
Sowbelly Canyon 42.724, -103.855 Although the adjoining land is privately owned, the canyon may be reached via a county road northeast from Harrison.
Toadstool Geologic Park 42.8578, -103.584 This area of badlands (approximately 300 acres) supports rock wrens, Say's phoebes, golden eagles and prairie falcons, and sometimes also gray-crowned rosy finches during winter.
Walgren Lake Wildlife Management Area 42.638, -102.629 A great variety of migrant species are attracted to this lake, including such rarities as Sabine's and black-headed gulls, and Townsend's warbler.
Whitney Lake Wildlife Management Area 42.786, -103.323 Since there are few lakes in the area this lake can attract waterfowl, gulls, terns, and grebes during spring and fall migration.