Mormon Island State Recreational Area

Habitat includes 3 lakes and their surrounding riparian woodlands. Camping, restrooms, swimming, shelters and an office on site. This area is a popular fishing, camping, and swimming spot just off I-80 which occasionally attracts large concentrations of waterfowl in the spring despite the potential for heavy disturbance. Used as a winter stopover by Mormon emigrants heading westward, Mormon Island State Recreation Area is part of Nebraska’s unique “Chain of Lakes.”

Development of I-80 in the early 1960s created a series of “borrow pit” lakes when sand and gravel were removed for road construction. The first of these areas developed was Mormon Island SRA. A good variety of waterfowl and shorebirds come to the area before heading farther north. Ask park personnel for more information about the best times and locations to view these impressive wildlife displays. Because of its depth, the main lake sometimes hosts loons, pelicans mergansers and a variety of grebes. The slough running through the SRA is a good place to search for Wilson snipe. Cedar waxwings, woodpeckers and brown creepers are common. as are owls.