Kenesaw Lagoon Waterfowl Production Area

This Federal Wildlife Production Area contains 161 acres of wetland and 70 acres of upland. It attracts a large variety of water birds during spring. Birds are best observed from county roads on the south or west side of the lagoon. A small great blue heron colony once existed on the east side of the lagoon. The mudflat area on the southwest side attracts shorebirds, waterfowl, and waders in spring.

Eight whooping cranes visited this site for a few days in April of 1994 and there were unconfirmed reports of whooping cranes using this WPA again in the fall of 1999. The property had been left idle for about 20 years before being purchased by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 1997. It underwent a restoration in 1999 which included removal of trees, filling pits, removing dikes, filling in ditches, building parking lots, and fencing the property so the area could be grazed in future years. Waterfowl use has been high since completing the restoration.