Jones Marsh Waterfowl Production Area

Habitat includes 76 acres of upland and 89 acres of wetland. Hunting is allowed. The wetland has been left idle for more than 10 years with little or no use by waterfowl. During that time, trees have established themselves along the wetland boundary. The amount of water held in the basin diminished and trees began growing in the center portion of the wetland. In December 2000, trees greater than three inches in diameter were removed. In the spring of 2002, a prescribed burn was done on the whole unit to burn up the tree piles and reduce the organic layer on the wetland bottom. Prescribed fire is expected to remove the smaller trees left standing. Waterfowl are expected to respond quickly to the change. In February, 2003 an existing well was replaced and a new engine installed. Later in the year, a pump house, covering the engine, will be constructed. The well will be running for the spring, 2003 migration.