Hultine Waterfowl Production Area

Hultine WPA includes 583 acres of wetland and 417 acres of upland. Good marsh with good viewing. The first tract of property purchased on Hultine WPA occurred in 1990. Since then, additional purchases have brought the total acreage up to 1000. Cropland has been reseeded to native grassland species. An old farmstead was removed, trees were cleared and a large concentration pit was filled. The old farm irrigation well was maintained and used to supplement fall and spring water conditions in the wetland. The wetland receives heavy use by snow geese in the spring and wading birds along the receding waterline from late spring to early summer. Reed canarygrass has been a problem on this large, flat wetland basin.

North Hultine (formerly known as Sandpiper WPA)includes 226 acres of wetland and 214 acres of upland and contains a small area of permanent standing water. One of the best places to see migrating shorebirds in the region, especially during late March and April. Prairie chickens have used this area as a lek the past few years with numbers exceeding 30.