Gilbert Baker Wildlife Management Area

Gilbert Baker WMA is an area of ridges covered with ponderosa pines, with scattered areas of grassland at the forest fringes. Monroe Creek traverses the area and is a trout stream. Pinyon Jays nest here (the only documented location in the state), as do White-throated Swifts, and possibly even Swainson’s Thrushes and Lewis’ Woodpeckers. Monroe Canyon also supports some distinctly western species, such as Townsend’s Solitaires, Cordilleran Flycatchers, Plumbeous Vireos and Violet-green Swallows. Other western species to be found here include the least chipmunk, mountain birch and mountain maple. Nearby Sowbelly Canyon supports many of the same western species as Monroe Canyon (Cordilleran Flycatcher, Plumbeous Vireo, White-throated Swift, Violet-green Swallow), as noted below. Unmarked trails penetrate the Gilbert-Baker area.