Fontenelle Nature Association

Missouri River, Southeast NE
Yellow-rumped Warbler

This large area of mature riverine hardwood forest includes 17 miles of footpaths, as well as a mile-long boardwalk and a small combined nature center and museum.

There is a bird checklist of 246 species that have been reported in the past decade, and more than 100 of these are summering species that potentially breed. Summer species of special interest include American woodcock, broad-winged and red-shouldered hawks, whip-poor-will, Acadian flycatcher, Carolina wren, yellow-throated vireo, wood thrush, American redstart, cerulean, prothonotary and Kentucky warblers, brown creeper, and the scarlet and summer tanagers. The yellow-throated warbler has been reported to perhaps nest here too, a location well to the north of its known breeding range and the pileated woodpecker has recently bred here.

An observation blind overlooks a marsh, and there are organized bird or nature hikes, plus many other programs. The center is open 8-5 daily; admission fee.