Cottonwood Basin Waterfowl Production Area

Habitat includes 201 acres of wetland and 359 acres of upland. Recent Management: The eastern half of this WPA has been publicly owned for many years while the other half has been in private ownership.

In 2000, the private portion of the wetland was sold to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Restoration plans include removal of the fence line/dike between the two halves, and reseeding the cultivated area back to native grasses. Portions of the upland will be farmed for a couple of years until reseeding can be accomplished.

In 2001, 26 acres of cropland (northern portion) was reseeded with high diversity seed mix. Another 48 acres was seeded in winter of 2002-2003. The final cropland area was seeded during winter of 2003-2004. Approval was received from Phelps County to remove a dirt road that was impassable and dissected the wetland. Two pits were also filled. Some silt was also removed from the wetland. Scattered volunteer trees were removed from the eastern portion of the property. An underground pipeline was buried extending from a well on the west portion of the property to the wetland. The pipeline will allow the well to be used to deliver water directly to the wetland.


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