Chadron State Park

This 972 acre state park lies in the heart of the Nebraska National Forest, dominated by ponderosa pines. This is the best place in the region to see Lewis’ Woodpecker, and it also supports Pygmy Nuthatches, Western Tanagers and Common Poorwills. On the way to the Black Hills overlook watch for Lewis’ Woodpeckers perched on the tops of snags. At the lookout one should see Pinyon Jays, Yellow-rumped Warblers, Western Tanagers and Mountain Bluebirds, as well as raptors.

The Spotted Tail hiking trail extends for eight miles from the park boundary through the Nebraska National Forest, and the Black Hills Overlook trail extends for four miles from the park campground. Other activities include swimming, horseback trail rides, tennis and sand volleyball courts, craft center, snack bar, mountain bike rentals, paddle boats, fishing, evening programs and picnicking. Lodging is available on-site in furnished cabins or the modern campground. State park entry permit required.