Carter Lake

Carter Lake is a 315 acre old oxbow lake of the Missouri River and is now an urban lake shared by two different cities (Omaha, Nebraska and Carter Lake, Iowa), in two counties (Douglas and Pottawattamie) and two states (Nebraska and Iowa). The City of Carter Lake, Iowa lies completely within the concave portion of the lake and the City of Omaha and Levi Carter Park surrounds the lake on its convex side. Located near the Omaha airport, visitors will find a plethora of thriving wildlife nestled along the roadsides at Carter Lake. The awesome grace of America’s Bald Eagles can be found in good numbers at Carter Lake in late winter. Springtime brings other visitors – Blue Herons, Peregrine Falcons, Herring Gulls, geese, ducks, and shorebirds. It provides many migratory birds following the Missouri River a place to stop over.