Box Butte Reservoir State Recreation Area

Ferruginous Hawk feeding young

Box Butte Reservoir SRA is located in Dawes County, between and south of Chadron and Crawford, 9.5 miles north of Hemmingford on State Hwy 2. This 2,212-acre recreation area includes a 1600-acre reservoir, for a land area of 612 acres.

This is an outstanding birding area in the Panhandle. Rock Wrens, Say’s Phoebes, and Ferruginous Hawks are among the more interesting western species, and probable eastern breeders include Eastern Bluebird, Eastern Wood-pewee, Indigo Bunting, and Wood Thrush. Hybrid bluebirds, wood-pewees and buntings might also occur here. Small passerines such as warblers and vireos are abundant during migration. Waterfowl, grebes, and waders can be found here during spring and fall migration.

Other activities available include hiking, boating, fishing, unsupervised swimming, camping, and picnicking.