Boosalis Park

Boosalis Park (undeveloped) is part of Lincoln’s landfill area. Closed on Sunday. This little-visited part of Lincoln can only be reached by following 48th Street north to the city landfill entry station, and stopping there for permission to go on to the marshes and riparian wooded habitats about a quarter mile beyond on the left. It is well worth the effort; this area is perhaps the best place within Lincoln for seeing large numbers of rural species.

Red-tailed hawks and great horned owls nest here, coyotes and deer are regularly seen, and the marshy areas (when they have water) attract rails, ducks, geese, cormorants, yellow-headed blackbirds, black-crowned night herons, and many other species. Care must be taken in walking through the area, which is partly landfill, and sometimes has ground irregularities that one can easily fall into or trip over. Ospreys and shorebirds are sometimes seen along Salt Creek, which borders the area on the north and west.