County Line Marsh Waterfowl Production Area

This site contains 224 acres of wetland and 182 acres of upland. The county road leading to this marsh sometimes floods in spring. Very large flocks of dabbling ducks gather here in early March.

Recent Management: The first tract purchased for this WPA was in 1964. The property has some challenges when it comes to management. The wetland stays wet enough to support a very dense stand of bulrush leaving only a small amount of open water available for migratory waterfowl. The property is also located with half in York county and the other half in Fillmore. Numerous modifications in the hydrology have also occurred, including pits and drainage ditches. In 2002, conditions were dry enough to burn off the upland and a large portion of the wetland and disk it in late summer. No well exists on this property. However, some pumping was done in the fall of 2002 through an arrangement with the neighboring landowner.