Champion Lake State Recreation Area

For a good chance at seeing/hearing Cassin’s sparrows and other sandsage prairie birds, head west to Lamar. On a good map, you will see a county road (sand and gravel) heading south out of Chase County. This road goes through some excellent sandsage prairie. Stop along the road in a few spots with taller sagebrush and you should find the Cassin’s sparrows. You can turn around and head back, or continue on down the road, which will get you to the town of Haigler (Dundy County) which is quite a ways down the road. On this drive during the spring of 2003, Cassin’s sparrows, lark buntings, northern mockingbirds, Bullock’s, orchard, and Baltimore orioles, loggerhead shrikes, blue grosbeaks, burrowing owls, ferruginous and Swainson’s hawks and many other species (including ornate box turtles) were observed. Park entry permit required. (Information courtesy of T. J. Walker, via N.O.U. website)